Zedd Rahl

Mayor of Adahnstown


Zedd isn’t an elected official. The last lord of Adahnstown took a goblin’s arrow through the eye and Zedd happened to have a fireball spell prepared that day. After single-handedly wiping out the goblin raiding party, he was toast of the town. While uninterested in being the hamlet’s hero, he didn’t want Adahnstown to be assigned another useless noble and took on the role of mayor.

Technically, the position doesn’t legally exist and Zedd could be replaced by a new lord without notice. No one outside of Adahnstown, however, even knows the old lord is dead, and everyone in the hamlet seems to like it that way. Under Zedd’s leadership, a small militia has been trained and a competent fighter has been put in charge as sheriff.

Zedd Rahl

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