Calling all wanna-be adventurers!

The name of the game is random generation, everyone! I’ve randomly generated seven, level-one player characters and plopped them into the world. Now it’s your job to tell their story. What are their goals? Why are they in and around Adahnstown? How will it help them achieve their goals? Why on earth would they want to travel with the other six numbskulls?

Naturally, some folks won’t be able to attend every game, so what will their chosen characters be up to? Well, that’s what the adventure log is for! But what about characters who aren’t picked up? Well, they’ll continue to move around the game world to either help or hinder the players, either directly or indirectly, until somebody claims them as their own.

Check out the character page and decide whose story you’ll tell! Once you decide, let the GM know and it will be turned over to you. Once in your control, feel free to change your character’s name, alignment and biography. If your character has money, go ahead and add somethings the GM left off your sheet. But, remember, no changes to the character (that would defeat the whole point of this).


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